6 Ways You're Probably Sleeping Wrong

Sept. 1, 2019

It used to be that when you were tired, you went to bed. What could be easier than that? Well, apparently killing time in the bottomless content of our phones, Snapchat, and Netflix. Think about this: right now, there are more reasons to stay up and swipe than ever before.

That’s a problem because there are too many aspects of our health that depend on getting enough good quality sleep. Here are 6 ways you’re probably sleeping wrong – and what you can do about it, starting tonight:

1. LESS IS LESS. Most of us need 7-9 hours each night. If you are getting less (and there’s a good chance you are) you need to build more sleep time into your schedule.

2. INCONSISTENCY. If you have different bed and wake times throughout the week, that irregularity plays havoc with your sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time, every day of the week. Sound hard? Not compared to studying, working, and playing without enough quality sleep.

3. BRINGING YOUR PHONE TO BED. Need we say more?

4. USING AN ALARM TO WAKE UP. It seems crazy, but if you are getting enough sleep, you won’t need to set a morning alarm on your phone. Pro-tip: try this on weekends first.

5. LONG NAPS. If you wake from a nap wondering what day (or year) it is, you’re napping too long. Short power naps (30 min.) are
best, but are not a substitute for getting enough sleep at night.

6. TREATING SLEEP AS A LUXURY. Sorry, but sleep is kind of a big deal. Treat it as such and you will reap its rewards: better health, better mood, and better focus. Can Snapchat do that?