3 Exercises to Add to Your Workout Routine

Nov. 1, 2019

The following movements are great additions to any workout routine. They focus on muscle groups that assist with building a strong base of support and improving posture. Try adding one or more to your next workout!

1.  Glute Bridge: The gluteus maximus muscles are strong, but are typically under-engaged causing weakness, and potentially low back pain. Use this movement to learn how to truly activate your glutes! Lie on back pressing heels into the floor. Lift hips off floor focusing on squeezing through the glutes. Return hips to floor and repeat.

2.  Band Pull Aparts: With so much forward movement engrained in our days, it is important to perform movements to counteract this pattern. Band Pull Aparts will strengthen the upper back reminding you to keep your shoulders in a neutral position (instead of rounded forward) throughout the day.  Firmly grasp band in each hand at shoulder height. Pull hands apart while squeezing shoulder blades together. Control the release as hands come back together and repeat.

3.  Dead Bug: This move will work the transverse abdominis. This is the deepest layer of the core and is integral in maintaining good posture. Begin laying on your back with your lower back flat against the floor.  Bring feet off the floor to create a 90 degree angle at the hips and knees. Extend arms up over chest. Extend left leg and right arm keeping low back pressed into the floor throughout the movement. Return to start and repeat on other side